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Starting 19th January 2021

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am GMT online, attend our practical and high-level panel discussions for senior Information Security Leaders

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Thom Langford

Founder, TL(2) Security

Dr Mary Aiken


Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

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teissOnline is the only online information security series which regularly focuses on the human challenges across governance, risk and compliance in improving Attendees’ information security posture.

Our bi-weekly online series of high-level panel discussions and Attendee interaction regularly covers the challenges faced by CISOs and information security leaders, whether those challenges are the internal security cultural or external threats.

What to expect at a teissOnline webinar

CISOs & Strategic focus

Cyber security leadership in any organisation falls to the CISO. And, yet, there are communication barriers that CISOs face, both upwards towards the Board, and outwards across the organisation.  These webinars feature experienced and open CISOs discussing anything from effective approaches to modernising and measuring the performance of their SOCs, how they quantify their organisation’s risk appetite, and how they make sure their messages land with the Board.

Culture & Education focus

Better cyber security is rarely about computer science, but more about behavioural science and the cyber security culture in your organisation.  These webinars feature information security leaders, and security awareness professionals, discussing why your security awareness programmes may be failing and what to do about it, and how to create and sustain a high-performance security culture.

Threat Landscape stream

The ever-developing of threats that are utilised by cyber criminals – and the effectiveness of these threat vectors in targeting your people – is the significant factor in how safe your organisation actually is.  These webinars focus on the current and predicted trends in cyber threats, and what steps you can take to prepare, communicate and ensure the security of your people and organisation.

Topics being covered include

  • How do you plan for the human responses in your cyber incident response plan?
  • Strategies to quantify your organisation’s cyber risk, and making your messages effective at board level
  • Aligning home-life security and company security: Making your people the CISO of their own homes
  • The ways that your security awareness programme is failing, and what you should do about it
  • Threats in the supply chain: Balancing your internal and the external requirements and competing risk agendas
  • Tailoring your security awareness programmes to overcome colleagues’ inbuilt biases
Delegate testimonials from teissLondon2020
  • “A high quality and inspiring set of speakers in a very well themed and chaired event”

    Group CISO, Unipart
  • “A well put together event with some great speakers and plenty networking opportunities”

    Head of Cyber Security, Cognita
  • “Well-targeted at senior security decision makers”

    Head of Security, Hampshire Trust Bank
  • “This was my first time attending teissLondon and I found it a very worthwhile 2 days which will influence my approach”

    Infrastrucutre Operations Manager, Hitachi Europe Ltd
  • “Well-organised and broad range of topics”

    Senior Vice President, Barclays
  • “One of the best events in Europe”

    INTEGRITY S.A.- Consulting & Advisory
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