RockYou2021 data leak: 8.4 billion passwords compromised

RockYou2021 data leak: 8.4 billion passwords compromised

report shows that 100GB of data which includes 8.4 billion passwords have been recently leaked on the internet, people are being encouraged to secure their accounts.

In 2009, threat actors hacked into the servers of social app RockYou accessing 32 million user passwords stored in plaintext. 

The new figure represents leaked passwords from multiple databases in what is being dubbed the RockYou 2021 data breach.

What are Digital Privacy Experts Saying?

Hackers compiled this massive cache of passwords from several previous data branches, and it is extremely concerning because of its sheer magnitude.

With so many passwords sitting in the database in plain text consumers need to act quickly to ensure that their accounts are safe, because this database creates the potential for a sudden wave of cyberattacks.

Consumers need to weigh the security of all their accounts and should update their password now to refresh them if they haven’t already done so recently. 

Setting up new passwords for multiple accounts doesn’t need to be a headache if you use a reliable password manager that does the hard work for you.

Anybody concerned that their password may be affected by this breach should ensure that they are using 2FA wherever possible to ensure that a password alone will not be enough to breach their account.

As always, monitor your accounts closely and if you notice any unusual activity, be sure to act quickly to update your password and ensure that hackers are removed from those services.

Ray Walsh, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy.

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