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Julian Assange sues his host, the government of Ecuador

Author: webeditor

The case around Julian Assange starts to sound more and more bizarre. Dubbed the “housemate from hell”, fed up with being essentially held in near-solitary confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy’s broom cupboard, Assange has now stood up to sue the... Read more

Critical flaw in streaming Media library

Author: webeditor

Security researcher Lilith Wyatt of Cisco Talos Intelligence Group discovered a critical flaw in LIVE 555 Streaming Media that exposed millions of users to cyber attacks. The streaming Media library has been developed and maintained by Live Networks and is... Read more

The other way to purchase Super Bowl tickets

Author: webeditor

Some people would kill to get tickets for the National Football League’s Super Bowl. Others exploit Microsoft’s relationship with the NFL. Jeff Tran, Microsoft’s former director of sports marketing, had originally been in charge with supervising Microsoft’s relationship with the... Read more

Meet Chengdu’s very own moon

Author: webeditor

For the sake of the environment it is beneficial to have your lights switched off, as often as possible. Street lighting, however, cannot just be turned off to save energy and electricity bills. Or can they? A Chinese businessman is... Read more

Bug month October: Tumblr’s turn

Author: webeditor

We’re into the third week of October and giants Google, Facebook and Twitter have suffered massive data breaches. Tumblr now joins them, revealing a bug in one of their features. A security researcher revealed a flaw in Tumblr’s “Recommended Blogs”... Read more

Android backup data soon to be secure

Author: webeditor

Google will now encrypt all your backup data stored on its cloud servers as part of a new security measure for Android Backup Service. Previously, once you uploaded your WhatsApp chat histories and personal settings to your Google account, all you had... Read more