Why it’s crucial for security awareness people to employ clear, direct, and unambiguous language

Every organisation has its own coded internal language. Learning your new office culture’s unique keywords and phrasing is a crucial part of assimilating. That said, security awareness professionals must avoid using language that’s easily misunderstood when teaching security processes and concepts.

One of the most frustrating parts of joining a new company (or joining a new team within a company) is learning the new group’s impenetrable jargon. Picking up the tribal tongue is a critical aspect of inculturation: the process by which a new member in a group comes to understand the expectations and taboos of their new tribe. Learning “how things are done here” involves a lot more than just memorizing the locations of the conference rooms. Recognizing and parsing in-group language in essential to understanding how one’s new teammates think (and, therefore, how one must behave in order to fit in).

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