What do Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo have in common?

What do Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo have in common?

New research shows which major consumer brands have suffered worst from hacking and data breaches.

Research by Money.co.uk has revealed the consumer brands that have suffered the worst (and the most) data breaches and the number of individuals’ data records leaked in these compromises. Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo take the top spots.

In recent years, our lives have increasingly moved online, with social interactions and shopping becoming more convenient than ever before. With online activity increasing, brands are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber threats, but which consumer brands have been affected the most by breaches over the years?

Money.co.uk’s Breached Brands Report reveals the worst data breaches of the last 20 years and the consumer brands and platforms that have seen the highest number of records leaked.

Largest data breaches

According to this research, Facebook heads up the list of the largest breaches, followed by Yahoo:

Most often breached

Frequency is important as well as size. And Amazon has suffered more data breaches than any other brand in the last 20 years. Here are the brands who have suffered the most frequent breaches, with many of the sites we share our personal details with on a daily basis featured. 

The full research is available at: https://www.money.co.uk/current-accounts/breached-brands where you can also find top tips from Money.co.uk’s experts to help you to keep your data safe online.

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