What are the benefits of red teaming?

What are the benefits of red teaming?

Red teaming is one of the most fascinating activities an ethical hacker can be involved in. The practice usually involves an independent group that assumes the role of a hacker to show organisations what vulnerabilities or backdoors pose a threat to their cyber security.

Sounds like every organisation should employ one…but is it always necessary? And if so, how do you know if your organisation is ready for red teaming?

On this episode of the teissPodcast I speak with Ed Williams, EMEA director at SpiderLabs, Trustwave, about red teaming and deciding when is the right time for an organisation to engage a red team.

Ed, a patriotic Welshman and ardent rugby enthusiast, explains some common tactics hackers use to manipulate people, where red teaming should sit in the overall cyber security strategy and how can cyber maturity be achieved through red teaming.

Presenter: Anna Delaney

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