Twelve IoT controls for auditing security on connected devices

Twelve IoT controls for auditing security on connected devices

Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Executive Director of Cyber Resilience, UBS

In the near future IoT devices will carry a white goods equivalent rating scale, similar to washing machines and refrigerators. Instead of energy usage, manufacturers will be measured on the number and type of security controls they have implemented. To begin the journey on IoT control standardisation, we discuss 12 IoT controls to provide a simple method to audit IoT devices which focuses on the device’s environment of use.

But what is the Internet of Things? It is often used as a buzzword that indicates the promise of a fantastic new world where smart devices are in constant communication and are exchanging information that takes the burden of the everyday off our shoulders.

Often IoT devices are hooked into a data network, this causes a problem for consumers and businesses as these networks may pose a risk to our security. The more information that we allow to flow through networks, the riskier we find it to use IoT devices.

What is the solution to this important problem? In this interview, Yannis Pavlosoglou from UBS discusses new standards that the industry could adopt.

In the future, IoT devices will have a white-goods-equivalent rating scale, measuring not energy, but controls.

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