Google brings Titan Security Keys to the UK, France, and Japan

Google brings Titan Security Keys to the UK, France, and Japan

Titan Security Keys

Google has announced that it is introducing Titan Security Keys in the UK, Japan, Canada, and France after making the device available for purchase to US Internet users in August last year.

In August last year, Google made its Titan Security Keys available for purchase in the United States, claiming that the keys were capable of preventing malicious actors from hijacking users' accounts through phishing or other social engineering attacks.

According to Google, Titan security keys, which are based on FIDO standards, are "the strongest, most phishing-resistant method of 2-step verification (2SV)" and secure users' Google accounts from hijacking attempts. Not only can they authenticate Google accounts, but also users' accounts with other popular platforms such as Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, Stripe, Twitter, and other services that support FIDO standards.

"The firmware performing the cryptographic operations has been engineered by Google with security in mind. This firmware is sealed permanently into a secure element hardware chip at production time in the chip production factory. The secure element hardware chip that we use is designed to resist physical attacks aimed at extracting firmware and secret key material.

"These permanently-sealed secure element hardware chips are then delivered to the manufacturing line which makes the physical security key device. Thus, the trust in Titan Security Key is anchored in the sealed chip as opposed to any other later step which takes place during device manufacturing," said Christiaan Brand, product manager at Google Cloud.

In May this year, Google had to recall the BLE version of Titan Security keys sold to users in the United States after it discovered a serious software bug that emerged due to a misconfiguration in the Titan Security Keys’ Bluetooth pairing protocols.

According to Google, the software bug allowed an attacker to communicate with a security key and also communicate with a device paired to a security key if the attacker is within 30 feet of where a key is located. However, the big did not affect the primary purpose of Titan Security Keys which was to protect users against phishing attacks launched by remote attackers.

Titan Security Keys can now be purchased as bundles from the Google store for £50 apiece. Each Titan Security Key bundle contains a USB security key, a Bluetooth security key, a USB-C to USB-A Adaptor, a Micro USB to USB-A connecting cable, and product guides.

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