Tips for organisations making the “bring your workplace to your own device” transition

The last few weeks have been a sheer IT (and IT security) nightmare for most organisations around the world. Overnight millions of employees, forced to obey social distancing, found themselves at home, without the ability to work remotely in a secure manner. The new reality of business continuity means that for many companies they are rapidly on a process of digital transformation “on steroids”. As industrious well-meaning employees do their best to continue working with the tools they have at hand, many are turning to their personal devices to get the job done.

This blurring of the lines between work and personal device use presents complex challenges for corporate IT and security teams. They face a high-speed, high stakes balancing act juggling the tension between accessibility, security and privacy as they try to keep workers productive. However, tackling the immediate scenario of BYOD proliferation is not the only issue. As the situation plays out there are longer term risk factors – both internal and external - to be considered.

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