Thursday 22nd April 2021, 10:00 (BST)

Have you got alert fatigue? Managing threat inflation in the pandemic and beyond

Join this teissTalk to answer some of the biggest questions facing the Information Security industry including: 

  • Are InfoSec Leaders guilty of inflating the cyber threat?
  • Are too few Security Analysts dealing with too many cyber security alerts?
  • Recognising burn out in your Security Analysts, and ways in which we can reduce the stress of these key individuals


Geoff White

Investigative journalist Geoff White has covered technology for BBC News, Channel 4 News, Audible, Forbes online and many others.

An experienced public speaker, he has given keynote talks at some of the UK’s largest tech events, in addition to hosting conferences and chairing panels at venues ranging from London’s Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival.


Dr Victoria Baines

Visiting Research Fellow
Oxford Department of International Development

Victoria Baines has spent the last 15 years analysing and investigating cybercrime and online safety issues. Until 2017, Baines was Facebook’s Trust and Safety Manager for EMEA. Her work focused on operational support to law enforcement and strategic engagement with policy makers on criminal activity online. Before joining Facebook, Baines led the strategy team at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), where she was responsible for the EU’s cyberthreat analysis. She designed and developed the iOCTA, Europe’s flagship threat assessment on cybercrime and authored 2020, scenarios for the future of cybercrime that were the basis for a successful short film series of the same name. Prior to this, Baines was Principal Analyst at the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Karl Knowles

Global Head of Cyber | CISO

Karl began his career as a communications engineer in the British Army. At the second half of his career he was employed within multiple information security roles, advising senior military leadership on the global deployment of information and communications systems. He then built upon this successful 25 year military career moving to consultancy at BSI and then, Deloitte LLP. It was during this time that Karl quickly established himself as a subject matter expert, advising private and public clients towards the development of improved cyber and privacy strategies. He is a champion of veterans employment and a full member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security

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