Tuesday 19th January 2021, 16:00 (GMT)

Building a remote security culture: How do you define ‘how security is done here’ if there is no ‘here’?

  • What different challenges do organisations face with remote onboarding in a work-from-home world, and what approaches can be used to reduce potential security vulnerabilities?
  • Should organisations ensure that the business-as-usual solutions from their 2020 pandemic response become part of their resilience culture?
  • How should InfoSec Leaders adapt their communications to build and maintain a cyber secure culture?

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Your host:

Jenny Radcliffe

Jenny Radcliffe, also known as “The People Hacker,” is a world renowned Social Engineer, hired to bypass security systems through a no-tech mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile. 

Jenny is a sought after keynote speaker, panelist and moderator at major conferences and corporate events, both in-person and online,  is a  TEDX contributor and is host of her own multiple award winning podcast series.


John Scott, Head of Education | Cyber Security Division, Bank of England

John is an established Information Technology trainer, with many years’ experience in Further and Higher Education and training in both the private and the public sector. He has been integral in the implementation of the Bank of England’s current security training programme, and is focused on the transition from passive compliance to active security. John has been a software trainer for most of his career, meaning he has a strongly honed sense of the frustrations normal people feel when faced with new technology. Training is, after all, mostly watching people make mistakes because of unfamiliarity. (And then helping them!)

Keil Hubert, Head of Security Awareness & Training, OCC

Keil Hubert is the head of Security Training and Awareness for OCC, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to joining OCC, Keil has been a U.S. Army medical IT officer, a U.S.A.F. Cyberspace Operations officer, a small businessman, an author, and several different variations of commercial sector IT consultant. Keil deconstructed a cybersecurity breach in his presentation at TEISS 2014, and has served as Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger since 2012. His books on applied leadership, business culture, and talent management are available on Amazon.com. Keil is based out of Dallas, Texas.

Marc Avery, Chief Information Security Officer & Founder, Cyber Chain Alliance

Executive pragmatist operating within Critical National Infrastructure Technology and Cyber Security. Keen to offer advice and discuss challenges on how to embed security within large transformations of technology, business and culture.

I am highly experienced and capable of delivering effective security into large, complex and critical infrastructure programmes. I have established high performing cyber security functions and security management systems from first-principles and provided security assurance for some of the most critical and sensitive systems within the UK.

I believe in the need to simplify the complex to ensure that organisations operate efficiently and securely. I lead by example and build trust by being open and honest, listening to other people’s diverse needs and opinions, communicating clearly and acting with appropriate measure.

I am technically astute and have a breadth of knowledge across all aspects of security including technical architecture, product strategy and selection, information assurance, strategy and operating model development, supply chain management, security culture, maturity improvement, risk management and security testing.

I am motivated by a good challenge and always on the lookout for more effective and efficient ways of overcoming them!

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