#teissLondon2016 shortlisted for prestigious event awards

#teissLondon2016 shortlisted for prestigious event awards

#teissLondon2016 has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards at the Conference Awards 2017.

TEISS has been shortlisted for ‘Best Event Linked to a Publication’ and ‘Best UK Conference of the Year’ which will be held on the 30th June in London.

Alice Macklin, Event Producer at TEISS, said: “About three years ago the event was a single-stream conference with around 120 people attending. Now it is a three-stream conference, with training sessions on the side and around 450 people attending.

“Over the past few years there has been a strong trend of boards becoming more and more aware of the importance of cyber security. When the event first started a lot of the topics were about how to make the board take cyber security seriously.

“We are now past that stage - the board takes this seriously. Consequently there is a lot more investment in cyber security within companies, which includes greater awareness and education. The conference itself has more to offer because more people are interested.

“The event deserves recognition. There was a list last year produced by Onalytica - an independent consultancy - which listed the top 100 global influencers for cyber security. We were the second top event listed, which was really great as it meant we are doing our job right. The event is clearly talking about things people want to hear about. To be shortlisted in an award is another vote of confidence.”

Since its inception TEISS has attracted some of the best speakers in the field from Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO to Edward Lucas, Senior Editor and Author of the critically-acclaimed ‘Cyberphobia’ at The Economist.

Business Reporter has recently launched TEISS.co.uk, which is a dedicated hub providing the latest information about cyber security, additionally we offer real and pragmatic solutions to the problems of cyber security through workshops, case studies, in depth analysis, online training, conferences, breakfast briefings, consultancy and advisory services.

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