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TEISS content marketing

TEISS content marketing

TEISS can drive your revenues and customer base through our comprehensive content marketing service.

At TEISS content marketing we help our clients raise their profile and share of voice in their target markets. We produce and distribute engaging content to the right audience, raising brand awareness and profile to build trust between the brand and its target audience.

We are specialists in cyber security. As well as running the TEISS cyber security summit and other cyber security conferences, we are the publishers of the TEISS.co.uk cyber security website and we also provide a comprehensive training and consulting service in cyber security. This means we are extremely well placed to work with you on your cyber security content marketing strategy.

Our content marketing services

TEISS content marketing’s services include:

1. Strategy

We will develop and put together a complete content marketing strategy for your business, one that matches your wider business and marketing business goals with specific content marketing objectives.

2. Planning

We work with you to identify the most appropriate content themes and how your content will be laid down over a campaign. For instance we can help you plan your content around any events you are attending, advising you on how best to communicate with your target audience including, but not only, event attendees.

3. Creation

We have produced tens of thousands of pieces of thoughtful and provoking content for our clients. The channels we use include:


We can offer you sponsorship and speaking slots at our own events. Alternatively we can create events specifically for you, from breakfast briefings with 12 senior people through to your own conference with hundreds of delegates.

Video and audio

Video and audio generate excellent engagement and are also effective at driving search engine results. We can film a number of different types of video for you. Typically these will be: Video interviews and studio discussions; “How to” videos illustrating how your products work;  Animations and “writing hand” presentations;  Videos of your speaking engagement, or studio simulations of these; and 5 Regular or one-off podcasts.

Text and graphics

Long form text is a staple part of content marketing. We have journalists who can write on most business to business topics in the technology area, and who specialise in cyber security. Generally we write long form articles and opinion pieces for our clients. But we also create longer white papers which if required can be backed up by primary research.

We also have illustrators in house. These create images for your long form text as well as: stand alone Infographics; Illustrations and cartoons, for instance at events you are running; and Advertising collateral to IAB standards.

Social media

Social media underpins much of content marketing. We can create social media campaigns designed to deliver engagement with your content or strengthen your brand, or stand-alone social media campaigns for instance around events you are participating in.

In addition we help some of our clients to strengthen the social media profile of their organisation or of senior executives.


We pull the content we create for you into compilations to help drive people to explore your content in depth. The compilations we create include: highly interactive digital magazines, websites and microsites (hosted under our URL or your own), and email newsletters.

In addition we can create private and secure content hubs that act as an internal content resource and archive.

4. Distribution

We will help you to distribute your content assets to your chosen audience at the most appropriate time and get them to engage with it. We use:

Our media: Our own media resources include the TEISS.co.uk and Business Reporter.co.uk websites and our extensive email database (over 100,000 senior business people).

Free earned media: We are specialists in SEO especially for imagery, audio and video and plan and deliver all your content so that it is easily found by people using search engines. In addition we have our own social media accounts built up over years of publishing our own content on cyber security, where we can reach people we know will be interested in the content we create for you.

Paid media: Paying for promotion is an essential part of any content marketing campaign if you want to be sure it is effective. We use: Advertising on individual sites and premium networks; social media promotions; paid search marketing; and content seeding

5. Analysis and reporting

Our team has expertise in an extensive suite of analytics tools providing data intelligence for reporting and attribution giving insight in ROI and engagement.

We work with you to set appropriate KPIs for your campaigns, and to differentiate between “vanity” and indicative KPIs, such as social media “likes” and reach, and “hard” metrics such as content shares, website visits and, where appropriate, leads. We make particular efforts to ensure that our reports are relevant to your business and jargon free.

Contact us

To find out how TEISS content marketing can help your organisation increase awareness, strengthen brand and drive leads, please contact Mark Ragan on mark@drivecontent.co.uk or 20 8349 4363.

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