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    The Bank of England's Head of Education John Scott joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to ask how you define "how security is done here" if there is no "here"?

    World-renowned cyberpsychologist Dr Mary Aitken joins Host Geoff White to explore SafetyTech and how InfoSec Leaders can better protect their people and users from an increased risk of vulnerability.

    Microsoft's Chief Security Advisor Sarah Armstrong-Smith joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to discuss rolling out a "security first" approach to upskilling teams with a focus on cyber resilience in 2021.

    Save the Children's CISO Glen Hymers joins Host Geoff White to look at all things GDPR; the regulator's decision making process, the fines and what to expect in 2021.

    Long-serving Director of Information Security at Canon Quentyn Taylor joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to discuss what the 2021 CISO looks like, and what skills you now need.

    Elsevir's Head of Cloud Security Dr Paul Lewis joins Host Geoff White to take a cloud-ways look at Shadow-IT, and discusses how to lead the push-back against non-vetted tools, apps

    Inspirational CISO Kevin Fielder joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to discuss how to recognise burn-out in your remote InfoSec analysts, and how to reduce the stress of your key resources.

    Danone's CISO Naina Bhattacharya joins Host Geoff White to discuss how InfoSec Leaders can develop and deliver a vision for diversity and inclusion in their teams, and beyond.

    Arqiva's highly-experienced CISO Denis Onuoha meets Host Jenny Radcliffe to talk strategies for communicating expanded cyber risk to your Board.

    Ben Aung, CISO at Sage, joins Host Geoff White to discuss how he measures his organisation's information security posture, and the challenge of measuring change over time.

    Outspoken InfoSec Leader Greg van der Gaast meets Host Jenny Radcliffe to explore the cyber skills gap, and whether a misalignment of expectations is to blame.

    Hacker and psychologist Linus Neumann joins us to discuss threat trends in 2021, and the malicious use and abuse of AI.

    Direct from Texas, Allan Alford, Delivery CISO at NTT Data Services, joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to ask what the goal of your information security programme really is.

    Widely experienced CISO Deborah Haworth of Penguin Random House joins Host Geoff White to ask how your remote security awareness programme is failing, and what you should do about it.

    The Financial Ombudsman Service's CISO James Hamon joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to ask if your onboarding and offboarding security practices are rigorous enough for a 2021 remote workforce?

    Join Host Geoff White as he explores whether your path to SOC maturity improves efficiency and reduces the burden on your threat analysts.

    Paul Raines, CISO at the United Nations Development Programme, joins Host Jenny Radcliffe to discuss how cyber Incident Response planning needs to change for a 2021 hybrid workforce.

    Join Host Geoff White as he asks which compliance questions reveal the biggest security risks with 3rd parties, and what are the alternative approaches to identifying risk in the supply

    Join Host Jenny Radcliffe as she meets Dr Dave Chatterjee to discuss how you can build an informed and responsive security culture, and how cyber security awareness needs to be

    Join Global CSO at TikTok Roland Cloutier as he discusses continued remote working at scale, and how organisations can mitigate their 2020 legacy and identify future security risks

    Host Jenny Radcliffe asks how you can align home-life and company security in the "new normal", and how you can make your people the CISOs of their own homes.

    What is teissTalk?

    teissTalk is our new cyber security talk show with episodes every Tuesday at 16:00 (GMT), and Thursday at 10:00 (GMT). Each episode takes on the latest news, and a unique focus area affecting the industry. Our guests are renowned in their fields for their expertise meaning that every teissTalk episode is both entertaining, and informative. 

    Our hosts

    We have gathered two of the top minds in the industry to present each episode of teissTalk.

    Geoff White

    Investigative journalist Geoff White has covered technology for BBC News, Channel 4 News, Audible, Forbes online and many others.

    An experienced public speaker, he has given keynote talks at some of the UK’s largest tech events, in addition to hosting conferences and chairing panels at venues ranging from London’s Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival.

    Jenny Radcliffe

    Jenny Radcliffe—aka “The People Hacker”—is a force to be reckoned with. She can diffuse a crisis situation, talk her way into a secure building, and spot a psychopath at a hundred paces. She has been called a mind reader and a “human lie detector,” and likened to a Jedi Knight. In reality, she is an expert in social engineering (the human element of security), negotiation, persuasion and influence, and non-verbal communication, and deception—using her skills to help clients ranging from global corporations and law enforcement organisations to poker players, politicians, and the security industry.