Cyber security Virtualisation – the future of security

Microvirtuaisation points to the future of computer security

Machine identities Machine identity attack surface exploding

Machine identity related cyber-attacks are growing rapidly, driven by IoT devices and pandemic related changes such as cloud architectures

Employees Does automation mean redundancy?

Cyber-security professionals embrace automation, but many fear being replaced by technology. There is a positive trend in salary and job …

Cyber security Tracking the top activity trends in application security

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This year’s BSIMM report included findings from 130 organisations, spanning several verticals and geographies, and highlighted four key activity trends. …

Compliance Preparing for 2021 data protection compliance, and beyond

Data privacy issues that are likely to arise post-Brexit and how data compliance can be future proofed

News Why are educational establishments so vulnerable to cyber-attack?

Why universities are at risk from hackers and what they should be doing to defend themselves.

Board level Seven traps organisations fall into over cyber security

Seven traps that organisations fall into when building their cyber security capabilities.

Board level Boardroom cyber responsibilities: leading from the top

Board members must be accountable for cyber security. Having the right strategy and using the right risk management framework is …

Diversity Inclusive mentorships provide a foundation for diverse culture and mindset 

Ada Lovelace Day has helped to create a culture and working environment where diversity is celebrated, ideas are encouraged, and …

Cyber security Preparing a strong institutionalised incident response plan

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For institutionalised incident response, a clear security plan makes all the difference to mitigate damage and boost trust When it …

Quantum computing How crypto-agility can prevent the Quantum Apocalypse

The Quantum Apocalypse may destroy common encryption techniques unless quantum-safe crypto algorithms are developed.

Security awareness How to #BeCyberSmart this National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Seven cyber security experts talk to teiss about how training & awareness campaigns are critical strategies for strengthening cyber security