Supporting schools and not-for-profits with cyber security solutions at no cost

Supporting schools and not-for-profits with cyber security solutions at no cost

Traditional anti-virus solutions cannot prevent unknown threats which continue to surge. However, a leading global cyber security firm SecureAge Technology is providing grants to help protect education and non-profit sectors from cyber attacks

SecureAge Technology has announced the launch of its Grant Program to help educational institutions and non-profit organisations safeguard their endpoints amid the growing number of cyber attacks. The grant program aims to create a safer and more productive environment for research and learning as traditional anti-virus solutions are only able to catch known threats and do not offer personalised protection. SecureAge’s grant initiative will give recipient schools, students, and non-profit entities, free access to SecureAPlus, intuitive endpoint protection software that can detect known and unknown threats.

Schools and non-profits are target-rich environments for bad actors and are often operating under budgetary constraints, which means that cyber security ends up being an afterthought. That’s why SecureAge’s grant program was introduced. It alleviates the major threat vectors faced by both sectors by equipping recipient organisations with an AI-powered endpoint protection solution that can defend systems from both known and unknown threats, file or file-less malware and attacks from within or outside the network.

“Schools and non-profits have long been widely targeted because both tend to be underfunded and under trained when it comes to data protection measures and cybersecurity hygiene,” said Dr. Teow Hin Ngair, Founder & CEO, SecureAge Technology. “We firmly believe that organisations of all sizes deserve greater access to tools that can offer effective protection from cyber threats, giving them the confidence they need to operate safely without worrying about being cybersecurity experts in the process. Our grant program will help these organisations achieve those goals while also easing the budgetary burdens associated with safeguarding user data from internal and external cyber threats.”

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) last year published its Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020 which shows 41% of primary schools reported a breach within a 12-month period, whilst 76% of secondary schools and 80% of further/higher education institutions also reported at least one breach. And in September 2020, the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), issued an alert to the academic sector following a series of online attacks against schools, colleges and universities, which coincided with the return of pupils and students after the first lockdown.

“The pandemic-induced shift to remote work and distance learning has given bad actors an advantage, resulting in more focused and more creative attacks that exploit new and existing cybersecurity weaknesses,” added Dr. Ngair.

Any educational institution or non-profit organisation that signs up to be a partner of SecureAge’s Grant Program will get unlimited SecureAPlus Pro licenses for all Windows workstations and servers in their respective schools and offices. Individuals that sign up for a SecureAPlus Portal (SAPPortal) account using their school or non-profit company email domain will enjoy a 4-year SecureAPlus Essentials license, when they add their PC or laptop to the device list.

SecureAPlus is an AI-enabled endpoint protection software for Windows and Android that safeguards devices against multiple attack vectors including malware threats and zero-day attacks from within or outside an organisation’s network. SecureAPlus offers application control, multiple cloud-based anti-virus scanners, policy control and multi-PC management. These features are backed by SecureAge’s APEX AI-powered engine, which is designed to spot and learn from malicious attack patterns on endpoints without relying on definition updates.

For more information about how to apply for the SecureAge Grant Program, along with details about eligibility requirements, license agreements, duration and support, please visit

SecureAge Technology is a rapidly growing data security company that places security and usability on equal footing. Headquartered in Singapore, the organisation is trusted by governments, research institutes, and forward-thinking organizations to protect them from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats in the world. For more information visit and follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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