I am an established IT professional with 15+ years of executive leadership and consulting experience across multiple industries including oil/gas & energy, telecommunications, hospitality, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, IT, Department of Defense, transportation, and higher education.

I am a passionate and confident leader who enthusiastically believes in collaboration to drive results. My management philosophy emphasizes team building and high stakeholder involvement to motivate individuals to improve workflow efficiency and meet deadlines . My previous CIO, Director, project management, and consulting roles have helped organizations make and save money.

As a former University professor and mentor, I bring to the table proven research, analytical, presentation, oral, & written communication skills and the ability to express complex technical concepts in business terms.

I am a creative thinker who understands the importance of EQ, coordination, and flexibility within the workplace. However, I am not afraid to make tough decisions if the company or employees might be at risk. My consultative expertise includes implementing organizational strategic initiatives, information security architecture, Zero Trust implementation, Cybersecurity maturity assessment, DevSecOps management, risk management, and forensic analysis.

In short, I drive systems from strategy to implementation improving security, availability, & performance.