Spooky cyber data

Spooky cyber data

In the run up to Halloween, here is some spooky data from cyber security reports that will have you shivering with fright!

Insider threats

  • 61% of respondents reported at least one insider attack over the last 12 months (22% reported at least six separate attacks). (Source: Bitglass 2020 Insider Threat Report)

  • Most organisations cannot guarantee that they can detect insider threats stemming from personal devices (82%) or the cloud (50%), while 81% find it difficult to assess the impact of insider attacks. (Source: Bitglass 2020 Insider Threat Report)

  • 41% of organisations have not taken any steps to expand secure access for the remote workforce. (Source: Bitglass 2020 Remote Work Report)

  • Despite BYOD fairly being embraced in the workforce, 51% of organisations lack any visibility into file sharing apps and 30% have no visibility or control over mobile enterprise messaging tools. (Source: Bitglass 2020 BYOD Report)

Security operations

Data outflows

  • There was a 123% increase in the volume of data downloaded to USB devices by employees after the pandemic declaration and working from home became widespread. 74% of that data had been classified by organisation data governance policies. (Source: The DG Data Trends Report)

  • Cloud storage and USB devices became the most preferred egress paths after the COVID-19 emergency declaration, accounting for 89% of all data leaving organisations. (Source: The DG Data Trends Report)

  • Data egress via all paths (email, cloud, USB, etc.) was 80% higher in the first month following WHO’s COVID-19 pandemic declaration. More than 50% of the data that left organisations was classified. (Source: The DG Data Trends Report)

  • From March 11 – April 15, employees uploaded 336 TB of data to the cloud, a 72% increase from January and February combined. (Source: The DG Data Trends Report)

Keep cyber safe, and Happy Halloween from all the elves at teiss!

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