Snuffing out a phishing attack before it’s got started is easier than you think

Snuffing out a phishing attack before it’s got started is easier than you think

How proper employee cyber-training and robust defence software saved a company from huge losses with minutes to spare.

If a cunning phisher sent your users an email appearing to come from your CEO that bypassed perimeter technology, what would you do?

A large healthcare company faced that very scenario. A phishing attack was able to slip past its secure email gateway to land in users’ inboxes. But, by using Cofense’s phishing defence solution, the organisation was able to detect, analyse and remediate the attack less than 20 minutes after it began.

The phishing email was sophisticated. “An attacker sent an email that showed he’d really done his homework,” said the company’s VP of information security. “The email looked and sounded exactly as though our CEO had sent it. The attacker had clearly gone to our website and noticed our ethics policy. Mimicking language on the site, the email reminded employees about the policy and asked people to click a link to agree they would follow the rules.”

But the healthcare company was ready. The link went to a counterfeit Office365 page that asked for login credentials. The goal of the phishing attack was to harvest passwords, gain file system access and steer automatic payroll deposits into the attackers’ accounts. The email was highly believable, with several thousand recipients clicking on it.

Fortunately, 60 seconds after the phishing attack began, employees trained through Cofense PhishMe™, reported the email, so it could go straight into Cofense Triage™ for analysis. After escalating the incident and conducting a thorough investigation, the Cofense Phishing Defense Center™ (PDC) contacted the company’s IT team, who blocked the phishing site, retracted the email and stopped the rerouting of payroll.

“If we hadn’t been prepared, the damage would have been worse. Working with the Cofense PDC, we were able to retract the email in under 20 minutes,” said the VP.

Download the eBook for a minute-by-minute account of how users and security professionals worked together to avoid a major breach here.

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