Should a music degree stop you from a career in cyber security?

The Equifax data breach is still spewing gory details on exact numbers of those affected as well as the countries they are from. Last count suggests details of more than 143 million US citizens and up to 400,000 UK customers are now in circulation without their knowledge.

However, one of the most surprising fallouts of what is becoming known as one of worst breaches ever, is not the number of heads that are rolling (or retiring) or the number of shares sold by execs before breach details came to light. The sharpest focus currently is on the qualifications, or lack of, of the Board.

Over the weekend, the hashtag #unqualifiedfortech started trending on Twitter and it soon became obvious who it was referring to. Susan Mauldin, the now-retired CISO at Equifax. Keyboard detectives soon found out that she was the CISO at the now beleaguered company and cottoned onto the fact that instead of a major or graduate degree in a STEM subject, her undergraduate as well as post graduate degrees are in Music from the University of Georgia.

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