Increasing security risks in the age of applications

Increasing security risks in the age of applications

Lori MacVittie, Principal Threat Evangelist, F5 Networks, discusses why, despite education and a constant litany of reminders that security is everyone's responsibility, not only is the corporate-consumer barrier being breached on a regular basis, but the most basic of security practices is being completely ignored when it comes to apps and passwords.

Today we find ourselves swiping through pages of apps on our phones as the phrase "there's an app for that", continues to become more of a reality than a simple marketing phrase. Whether it’s an app to watch TV, organise diaries, log exercise or play games, it’s hard to find an activity that there isn’t an app for. In fact, research shows the average person has over 80 apps installed on their phones. Furthermore, consumers are expected to download a staggering 258 billion mobile apps in 2022 alone.

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