For enterprises, 2020 can best be described as the ‘year of change.’ A recent survey by IBM revealed that most global businesses (6 in 10) accelerated their digital transformation plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous organisations needed to rapidly adopt cloud-based services to streamline operations and meet the needs of a distributed workforce. Yet, many did not consider the implications of the technology and the transition to it. By implementing completely new technologies almost overnight, many security teams found themselves unable to fully secure their massive, fragmented networks and maintain a holistic view of attack surfaces.

There is no doubt that digital acceleration will help companies push innovation, optimise operations and achieve competitive advantages. However, if CISOs and their security teams don’t take a step back and spend time getting their networks in check, there could be unforeseen security issues further down the line. With the attack surface continually expanding and the sophistication of cyber-attacks growing, this will only add to the problem.