Scottish firms lost £7 million in last 7 months to social engineering attacks

Scottish firms lost £7 million in last 7 months to social engineering attacks

Spam-based phishing campaigns declined in 2018 but attacks on SaaS users rose

Cyber criminals conned Scottish firms and individuals of more than £7 million in just seven months by targeting them with phishing emails and other social engineering tactics.

Since July of last year, Scottish firms and residents have suffered a total of 19 cyber incidents, including cases of telephone scams, email scams and phishing messages.

Back in 2016, a Scottish blue-chip company was conned out of £18 million after an employee was tricked into transferring the cash into a foreign bank account after criminals posed as the Scottish firm's boss. Cyber criminals beinh the 'vishing' scam used company jargon on emails to unsuspecting employees to convince them that the emails were genuine.

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