One in three Britons may exercise ‘right to be forgotten’ clause in GDPR

Following the implementation of GDPR, it seems commercial organisations in the UK will no longer be able to take customer data for granted, for a survey has revealed that a significant number of Britons will exercise their ‘right to be forgotten’ under the new law.

Even though three in four Britons do not have a clear understanding of GDPR, a majority of them still believe that the 'right to be forgotten' clause in the upcoming legislation will be more effective in ensuring and protecting their privacy.

In May this year, the government will put into motion a landmark data protection law which it says will 'give people more control over their data, require more consent for its use, and prepare Britain for Brexit'. The law, which borrows heavily from the European General Data Protection Regulation, will bring in new rules to help the government regulate how organisations will handle customer data, how they will obtain clear and explicit consent from consumers, and how they will report data breaches to consumers and authorities.

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