Ransomware, the immediate threat

Ransomware, the immediate threat

Ransomware was big news last year, and it’s an ever-present threat. The NHS’s network was compromised by the WannaCry virus, which ended up costing it £180,000 in emergency measures – probably the most high-profile example.

But every day behind the scenes, smaller organisations are at the mercy of cyber-criminals who extort their victims by encrypting vital files then demanding a ransom. Losses in 2016 totalled $1billion, with seven in ten businesses expecting to be targeted by ransomware within the next year.

So what can you do to stay safe? Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson gives you a comprehensive lowdown of current threats, trends and what to look out for, before highlighting the steps you can take to minimise the likelihood of the scammers breaking down your door. Topics include: the importance of multiple back-ups, limiting access to data across your business, keeping your software up to date and making sure your employees are aware of the dangers and know what they should – and shouldn’t – be doing to combat them.

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