Suman Ziaullah

Suman Ziaullah

Head of Technology, Resilience and Cyber Specialist Supervision


Suman is the FCA’s Head of Department for Technology, Resilience & Cyber, leading the FCA’s work supporting firms in providing operationally resilient services.

Suman has worked at the FCA since 2017, initially developing a highly productive data analytics capability that delivers proactive intelligence and insights on issues of potential concern to the FCA’s Mission. He took on responsibility for the FCA’s Technology, Resilience and Cyber department in June. Prior to the FCA, Suman spent over 15 years working in the UK Diplomatic Service, and three years in industry, where he first started working on cyber security in 2003. He has considerable experience establishing resilient systems in high threat situations, and responding to international incidents and fast-moving events.

Suman has lived and worked in the Middle East and South East Asia and speaks fluent Bengali and Indonesian.

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