Jim Steven

Jim Steven

Head of Data Breach Services


Jim is Head of Data Breach Services for Experian in the UK, building on the knowledge, experience and success of Experian’s global data breach resolution offering.

Jim’s passion lies in helping organisatons understand their customers, to build loyalty and retention through customer satisfaction. Jim’s focus is to help businesses to take proactive steps in preparing for the ever-growing threat of data breach. To fully prepare for a data breach, organisations must invest in and test plans regularly, updating as new breaches occur, to ensure there is a comprehensive response plan in place that addresses everything from customer notification, to crisis management, forensics and legal considerations – most importantly to protect those affected, and to protect the organisation’s reputation in the longer term. Jim and his team support organisations through this challenge – helping to provide reassurance to organisations and those affected in uncertain times.
Prior to joining Experian, Jim worked in the security and risk management industry providing expertise in security risk management solutions, travel risk management, aviation security and corporate security for some of the world’s largest security companies.

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