15th September 2020, London 

teissR3 | Resilience, Response & Recovery is the leading Summit focusing on how you grow your organisation’s resilience to cyber attack, and best-practice in crisis management and incident response to ensure a full recovery.

teissR3 | Resilience, Response & Recovery
Featured Speakers

Peter Gibbons

Chief Security Officer, Network Rail

As Chief Security Officer at Network Rail, Peter is accountable for protecting the UK’s rail infrastructure, railway passengers, Network Rail’s people and assets from hostile threats. Cyber attacks, hostile trespass, physical assault, cable theft and terrorism are a constant threat to the safe and secure operation of the UK Railway, which provides a critical service…

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A Senior Representative (confirmed)

This senior individual leads the UK Government’s response to nationally significant cyber incidents.

Nic Devine

Global Head of Operational Resilience, Deutsche Bank

Nic’s specialities include Business Continuity Management; Crisis Management; Operational Resilience; Program and Project Management; Outsourcing and Offshoring; Team Leadership; People Management

Ian Burgess

Head of Cyber Policy, UK Finance

Ian leads on the work to create the Financial Sector Cyber Collaboration Centre for UK Finance, which represents nearly 300 of the leading firms providing finance, banking, markets and payments-related services in or from the UK. Working with the UK’s financial sector Critical National Infrastructure organisations as well as the Bank of England, National Cyber…

Titta Tajwer


Titta is currently CISO at News UK, the publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun among others. Previously she headed the security division at WorldRemit, a FinTech start-up. Prior to that, she worked on high profile security and auditing assignments with major consultancy firms including Accenture, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. Her…

Diana Moldovan

UKI Cyber Operations Lead, Aviva

Diana is the Cyber Operations Lead for Aviva’s UK Insurance region, leading the Vulnerability Management and Incident Response/Threat Hunting teams and shapes the front line of the Cyber defence capability protecting 33 million customers. Diana was previously one of the Cyber incident response managers within Deloitte assisting clients in formulating and maturing their Cyber resilience….

What some of our speakers discussed at teissR3 | Resilience, Response & Recovery 2019 

How to tackle the blame culture in cyber security

Vicki Gavin, Security, Privacy and Resilience – Advisor, Thom Langford, Founder, TL(2)

Want to get into cyber security but not sure where to start?

Bharat Thakrar
Chief Technology Officer and Cyber Advocate

“We are in a constant cyber security arms race”

Dr Paul Robertson,
Director of Resilience, continuity and crisis, EY

“The CISOs are the translators in organisations”

Dr Ruth Massie, Senior Lecturer in Governance, Cranfield School of Management

Develop cyber resiliency by design in your organisation

teissR3 | Resilience, Response & Recovery is the leading Summit focused on how you overcome the barriers to improving cyber resilience in your organisation, as well as ensuring that your incident response plans ensure the fastest possible recovery.

This one day event goes beyond assuming that your organisation will suffer, or has suffered, a data breach.  Instead, we focus on the human in cyber resilience, and how leading organisations use their people and their suppliers to improve their cyber and operational resiliency.

Leading industry speakers will discuss:

  • How to prepare, absorb, recover and adapt in a cyber resilient organisation
  • How to avoid dysfunctional behaviour during response and recovery
  • What you can do to measure cyber resilience internally, and against your peers
  • Identify and minimise the barriers to improved cyber resiliency
  • Best practice in information sharing during your incident response
  • What makes a resilient InfoSec Leader and SOC team

The event is divided into two streams:


In this stream, industry leaders and senior InfoSec speakers will discuss the steps they take to ensure improved cyber resiliency in their supply chain, as well as comparing how quickly they can recover from a cyber attack or data breach, in comparison to their peers.  They will also look at the barriers to improving cyber resiliency in their organisations, and the steps they are taking to overcome these.  There will also be an interactive Incident Response workshop, as well as an open debate on what makes a resilient InfoSec leader.  See the full agenda.

Response & Recovery

In this stream, Crisis Management and Incident Response experts will discuss the benefits of adding external threat hunting to their incident response planning, as well as what their legal considerations are when planning a breach response.  They will also discuss how to speed up response and recovery by improving internal information sharing, whilst there will also be an interactive crisis communication Workshop.  These speakers will also share how they plan for the human responses during a crisis in their incident response plans.  See the full agenda.


The teissR3 | Resilience, Response & Recovery tickets are available and priced at £399 for public sector organisations and £499 for private sector organisations.

For more information or registration enquiries please call Harry on 020 8349 5580 or email harry.p@business-reporter.co.uk.


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