Quantum computing: is our education system ready?

Quantum computing: is our education system ready?

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At TEISS2018, Dr. Carlos Perez Delgado, Lecturer in Computing at Kent University, will be discussing what quantum computing means for cyber security.  

Quantum computing offers huge potential to solve problems yet could also put the entire internet at risk. By allowing people to encrypt information in more secure ways, the quantum revolution could also, in theory, defeat all modern encryption.  

Despite this double-edged sword, IBM, Intel and Google are currently building quantum computers and Delgado foresees medium sized businesses adopting this technology in the future – not the immediate - but soon.  

So if the cat is out of the bag, are we prepared for quantum computing? 

The problem with our education system 

Delgado thinks we are not helping ourselves when it comes to education because undergraduate degrees are becoming more specialized and less interdisciplinary.  

Delgado states: “The quantum community is relatively small for various reasons – one of them is just the difficulty of the area.”  

“The issue is that quantum physicists are not trained in computing algorithms and cryptography and the security experts are very rarely trained in quantum physics. So the set of people that understand both worlds sufficiently, in a technical way, is very limited,” he states.  

The worldwide trend is to tailor our degrees to business requirements of today rather than trying to foresee the needs of where we are moving to. “Academia is now seen as a business and the idea is to train future employees,” he adds. 

Delgado feels there might not be enough experts to tackle the challenges of the tomorrow because we haven’t trained them. “Our education system needs to be more comprehensive to tackle the problems of the future,” he says.  

Despite this, Delgado is positive about the future, “If we play our cards right, not only could we end up keeping what we have, but having it even better,” he predicts.  

Hear Dr. Carlos Perez Delgado talk in more detail about how quantum computing will impact our future at TEISS2018 

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