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Summer Special Podcast IV! Is bitcoin the currency of our future?


Is bitcoin the currency of our future?

Should we trust bitcoin? Can we really maintain anonymity using the currency? Questions answered on this week's podcast!

As part of our Summer Special Podcast Series, this week we have an interview with Tod Beardsley, Rapid7’s research director who discusses how he thinks the internet should be managed and whether he believes bitcoin will be the currency of our future.

Nick Bilogorskiy, former chief malware expert at Facebook and cyber security strategist at Juniper Networks also features and talks about how businesses can use automation wisely to stay ahead of threats, as well as how to tackle the cyber skills' shortage and what data analysts should be learning now to best prepare for the future.


Anna Delaney


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Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney is the Editor in Chief of the TEISS cyber security website. She has previously worked for BBC, Levant TV, Resonance FM and ITV.

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