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Are we investing too much in cyber security?

On this week’s episode, we talk to cyber security company Tanium’s CEO Orion Hindawi and Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Kazanciyan, at their yearly conference, CONVERGE.

(Ryan was Chief Product Officer at the time the podcast was recorded)

Is it fair to label vendors as the snake oil of the cyber security industry? How can CISOs measure risk and present their findings to the board in a comprehensive way? Can companies really avoid having a weak link in their armour? What questions should organisations be asking when it comes to protecting themselves?

Find out how Orion and Ryan responded to these questions and more on the episode.

Presenter: Anna Delaney

Music: The Pain, Nick Homes and Cafe Connection by Morgantj (ccMixter)



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Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney is the Editor in Chief of the TEISS cyber security website. She has previously worked for BBC, Levant TV, Resonance FM and ITV.


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