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Can defenders trick their attackers?

Can defenders trick their attackers? Can organisations use deception successfully to level the playing field and dupe cybercriminals? This week on the Cracking Cyber Security podcast we’ll be discussing the "art of tricking the trickster".

On this episode Carolyn Crandall – who has the coolest title in cyber - Chief Deception Officer and CMO at Attivo Networks, joins us on the podcast and explains how organisations can turn the attackers' techniques against them.

We also talk about evolving threats in 2019 and Carolyn’s quest to get more females into tech.

Presenter: Anna Delaney

Music: The Pain, Nick Homes



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Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney is the Editor in Chief of the TEISS cyber security website. She has previously worked for BBC, Levant TV, Resonance FM and ITV.

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