IT pros preferring VSaaS and ACaaS solutions for physical security

IT pros preferring VSaaS and ACaaS solutions for physical security

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A survey of 1000 IT decision makers across Europe has found that while nearly half of IT managers are presently using cloud-based video surveillance (VSaaS) or access control (ACaaS) solutions as physical security systems, 36 percent of them are planning on deploying VSaaS and ACaaS solutions, most of them within a year.

Even though the cyber security products and solutions market is now brimming with advanced tools being offered by security vendors and hardware manufacturers to organisations, 77 percent of IT decision-makers across Europe feel their physical security systems are currently not optimised and need further improvements.

With 20 percent of IT decision-makers identifying physical security as a priority for improvement this year, the adoption of VSaaS and ACaaS solutions by organisations is poised to rise as 36 percent of decision-makers are confident on onboarding these solutions in the near future, a survey commissioned by Morphean SA has revealed.

Need for greater collaboration between IT managers and physical security installers

"As the in-house IT department becomes increasingly involved in the purchasing and on-boarding of network-connected surveillance and access control devices, greater collaboration will be required between IT resellers and physical security installers," says Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO of Morphean SA.

"In effect, the fast and effective provision of these systems that are fully optimised and fit-for-purpose requires cooperation between the IT and physical security industries that are speaking the same language."

According to Morphean SA, IT managers across organisations should consider working directly with physical security installers who have proven expertise in the field and an understanding of the intelligence capabilities of their systems. Conversely, physical security installers also need to learn the language of the IT department to offer optimised physical security solutions as per organisations' needs.

"The increased appetite for hosted security presents an opportunity for IT resellers and physical security installers to help businesses improve their physical security, while also educating them on the potential business intelligence benefits offered by surveillance and access control solutions when integrated into the cloud.

"Through partnering, both sides can deliver optimal system set up protecting both the physical environment and the cybersecurity of systems through a comprehensive overarching solution that will better serve the needs of the market," the company added.

IT decision-makers are losing faith in cyber security vendors

Recently, a survey of IT security professionals commissioned by Valimail had revealed that IT decision-makers at organisations are dissatisfied with cyber security vendors due to various factors such as "vague product descriptions, ambiguous statistics, limited ability to measure product effectiveness, and a general lack of follow-through by the vendors".

The survey found that 49 percent of IT security professionals believe that cyber security vendors share little to no reliable information about product roadmaps, 47 percent believe that vendors rarely deliver on their obligations, and 42 percent of them believe it is difficult or impossible to prove that value of products and solutions offered by cyber security vendors.

"Because security teams are stretched thin, it’s going to be more important than ever to build strong partnerships. Organisations can collaborate with trusted vendors to take pressure off their in-house resources. Approaches could include more automation of security tasks and support through managed service to ensure that no critical security controls are dropped.

"Maintaining a strong foundation of security is non-negotiable, so it’s imperative that organisations partner across the info security community to continue meeting security goals effectively," said Lamar Bailey, senior director of security research at Tripwire.

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