Onboarding your new employees: Minimising the jargon and the miscommunication

We know that adopting new technologies can be daunting because of impenetrable jargon; we sometimes forget that new jobs can be every bit as daunting before the required technology components are introduced. Make your new hires comfortable with your local vocabulary as early as possible.

My brother-in-law dropped by last weekend to help troubleshot a 3D printer. After poking at all the mechanical bits, he started interrogating me on my process to determine if the “malfunctioning” device was perhaps suffering from user error. Questions like “What slicer are you using to set your wall geometry?” and “Have you manually reset the temperature of the heated bed?” All I could do was blink and said: “I never intentionally did whatever that was and if I did it on accident I apologize.” He rolled his eyes and proceeded to lecture me on a syllabus’s worth of obscure terms and concepts that hadn’t appeared in the printer’s manual.