New malware consists of ransomware, cryptocurrency miners and botnet features

Linux and Windows users – meet XBash.

Palo Alto Networks has recently uncovered a type of malware that combines capabilities of ransomware, cryptocurrency miners, botnet and worm-like abilities to self-propagate. Moreover, it is likely to be able to spread within an organization’s network and infect other IP addresses.

As TheHackerNews reports, the malware is believed to be coded by the Iron Group (aka Rocke) that is responsible for cyber attacks including ransomware and cryptocurrency miners.

The malware enters the computer by using weak passwords and usernames. Once your computer is infected, it deletes all your databases and demands a ransom. There are 48 known victims who have all paid the ransom. The data, however, was not recovered.

Find out how to protect yourself from an attack by XBash here.

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