Has Monzo perfected the art of responding to a data breach? – Security Leaders’ Roundtable Podcast

Has Monzo perfected the art of responding to a data breach? – Security Leaders’ Roundtable Podcast

Welcome to the Security Leaders’ Roundtable Podcast, where I am joined by two exceptionally talented CISOs, Brian Brackenborough, CISO of a major broadcaster and Nick Nagle, CISO of the Publishing House, Conde Nast International.

On this podcast, recorded in July 2019, I asked them to bring two cyber security news stories to the table, as well as a “grudging respect” – a story/hack/response to a breach which deserves a tip of the hat.

Brian selected the story about the ICO intending to fine British Airways £183.39M for breaches of data protection law. Nick chose one on the anonymous hacker who was arrested after dropping a USB stick while throwing a Molotov cocktail, as you do.

Brian’s “grudging respect” (though not so much grudging, but more pure respect) was for the digital bank Monzo and how they responded to the Ticketmaster and BA breaches. Nick’s contribution was about a fake French minister in a silicone mask who stole millions. True story.

Hope you enjoy the discussion.

Presenter: Anna Delaney

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