Met Police to make tackling cyber crime priority

Met Police to make tackling cyber crime priority

Met Police to make tackling cyber crime priority

With a number of professions going digital and vast amounts of paperwork, confidential personal data and restricted government documents being digitised, it is but natural for law enforcement agencies to adjust with the changing times and attune themselves with crimes like cyber-attacks, data theft, phishing and cyber espionage.

Led by Commissioner Cressida Dick who took over the reins last week from Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police may soon undergo new training programmes to tackle cyber-crimes, despite a slew of budget cuts which may hinder the force's effectiveness. However, Commissioner Dick believes that new technologies and 'different ways of working' may ensure that the force would continue to be as effective, if not more, at the end of her five-year term.

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'I would like to see data and the digital world more of an advantage to us than it is to the criminal, and I’m not sure that’s entirely true at present,' she said while talking to reporters at Lewisham police station. Dick intends to ensure that her officers will make effective use of data analytics to fight cyber-crime and nab suspects.

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Her mission to make the Metropolitan Police more technology-friendly comes at a time when she wants the force to carry more tasers which she thinks help a lot in saving lives.

With a little encouragement from Dick, the Met Police may quicken the pace of its digital transformation which has been progressing for a while. 'We’ll be introducing a range of new technology. From cutting-edge mobile technology for officers, to flexible online services so the people of London can interact with us more easily more quickly and more immediately. From new back-office policing systems and applications to information management and infrastructure platforms. All designed to enable the Met to serve London more effectively and efficiently,' says the Met Police’ website.

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