Singapore carrier M1 introduces Mobile Guard anti-malware app for subscribers

Singapore carrier M1 introduces Mobile Guard anti-malware app for subscribers


M1, a Singapore-based mobile network provider, is offering Mobile Guard- an advanced anti-malware protection to subscribers by using Nokia's NetGuard Endpoint Security network.

M1's Mobile Guard app will scan devices for malware and will alert customers via texts and email whenever any malware is detected.

The latest anti-malware protection being offered by Singapore-based mobile network provider M1 will cost subscribers SG$2 per month per device and will include Mobile Guard app as well as a "bundled anti-malware solution" with the ability to scan, detect and remove malware from affected devices.

"M1's Mobile Guard is the only solution in our market to offer always-on, end-to-end network-driven malware protection -- helping customers perform a device health assessment, detecting and alerting customers to a threat, and helping them eliminate any threat found," said Alex Tab, CIO at M1.

The Mobile Guard app basically alerts subscribers by texts or email whenever it detects the presence of malware in a device. The alert asks subscribers to activate a Trend Micro Mobile Security app which then scans devices, detects malware and quarantines them before they spread any further or harvest any sensitive data.

Considering that M1 boasts a subscriber base of over 2 million pre-paid and post-paid subscribers in Singapore, the implementation of the new anti-malware service should ensure that it will limit the spread of mobile malware in the country to an extent.

Earlier this month, Purism, a San Francisco-based technology company, launched Librem 5, a smartphone incorporating advanced privacy and security features to protect users from existing threats. Thanks to a separate baseband functionality from the CPU in Librem 5, users will be able to run apps smoothly without having to give up their device information, browser usage history or location data.

Aside from implementing end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication in its dialer and messaging apps, Purism will also ensure that Librem 5 will operate with free/libre and open source software within the kernel, the operating system, and all software applications. This will ensure that personal data of users will not be obtained by third parties through WiFi connections, application installations, and basic location services.

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