Losing a valuable avenue for spreading the gospel of basic security hygiene

The best part of missing Thanksgiving? Not dying of the plague. The worst part of missing Thanksgiving? Not being able to warn your relatives about the latest cyber scams and how to protect yourself against them.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone in the United States. Much to my frustration, far too many people ignored the experts’ dire warnings and chose to visit their relatives, thereby vastly increasing the probabilities of both contracting and spreading COVID-19 at a time when our hospitals are running out of capacity to treat the most severe cases. Still, far more people did listen to reason and stayed home this year than ventured out. If we were going to give thanks for anything in 2020, it should be that: be grateful for the people who prioritized their community’s survival over their own selfish short-term need for face-to-face interaction. Still, this selfless sacrifice did introduce a new and unexpected short-term risk …

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