Craig Rice

Craig Rice



Craig is the Chief Security Officer of Pay.UK, the organisation that has amalgamated the UK retail payments systems into one company. He previously held the same role for Bacs, FPS and C&CCC. Prior to that he joined the Payments Council in October 2013, subsequently Payments UK, after a variety of appointments in the intelligence and security sector spanning 28 years. During that time he held range of roles in deployments overseas and at home, providing advice to the most senior crisis management organisations as well as more tactical roles.

In April 2014 he published a series of research papers on Cyber Threat Intelligence for the UK Banking & Payments sector advocating an intelligence-led, threat-centric approach to cyber security strategy and the creation of a federated cyber threat intelligence service for banking and payments. In 2016 he was asked by the Bank of England to form a working to explore the concept in more detail and establish the inputs, process and outputs for a federated cyber security capability for UK financial services.

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