Bharat Thakrar

Bharat Thakrar

CISO and Cyber Advocate


Bharat Thakrar is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and passionate about the critical importance of cyber security skills supporting organisations as they undergo disruptive change and Industry 4.0 technological transformation. He has over 14 years’ experience in designing, implementing & managing end to end security, technology risk/resilience, continuity and crisis management programmes.

Bharat works with CXO level executives on technology investments, training and skills development in cyber security, A.I., IoT, cyber-physical and risk resilience processes and systems. He has developed and implemented specific frameworks to engage and get buy-in from non-technical decision makers.

Recent Focus:

  • Advisory & Consultancy Services for Technology Risk, Security and Cyber Resilience
  • Product and proposition development for Cyber Security & Advanced Threat Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital/disruptive technologies
  • Security awareness and specialist training including evaluation of A.I./behavioral approaches
  • Strategic partner/alliance management
  • Sales enablement, bid support, product marketing

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