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GDPR in nine simple steps

With GDPR getting ever closer, the challenges around compliance seem to be getting more and more difficult. So much to do, so little time.

And yet. Perhaps the problems aren’t so intractable after all…

Jeremy Swinfen Green, TEISS Head of Consulting outlines a simple way of approaching the problem by dividing it into nine discrete areas.

GDPR seems to be just around the corner. And for some organisations, even those that are already compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA), achieving compliance seems like an overwhelming task. And let’s face it, most organisations are not compliant with the DPA, even if they think they are. If you are starting from a low compliance base then meeting the challenges of GDPR requirements can look very daunting.

At TEISS we feel that there are nine areas that you should consider, download our exclusive whitepaper now to discover the nine easy steps you need to take in order to be GDPR-ready!

Download our GDPR in nine simple steps guide now!

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