7 tips to help you survive lockdown – from the CISO of JUST EAT

7 tips to help you survive lockdown – from the CISO of JUST EAT

Feeling stressed out? CISO of JUST EAT, Kevin Fielder, shares tips on looking after yourself and others during COVID-19.

How are we all doing? We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic – many of us are in lockdown – working from home – uncertain of when we’ll be able to roam freely again and things will return to normal.

During these stressful times – it’s important that we take care of our mental and physical well-being – so on this week’s teissPodcast I spoke with the CISO of JUST EAT, Kevin Fielder, who’s passionate about well-being and looking out for each other.

On the podcast we discussed strategies that can make home working more productive, how to keep physically active during this time, how to deal with the avalanche of news and social media stories, and how to manage your mental well-being.

Not had a chance to listen to the podcast? Here are some well-being tips from Kevin to motivate and inspire you.

Establish a routine in the morning

Even if it’s a simple one! Make an effort to stick to a set programme in the mornings; take a shower, change your clothes (yes, remember those!), brush your hair, have a healthy breakfast…It may seem obvious but it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Your morning establishes the tone for the rest of the day and introducing some structure sets you off to a good start.

Get outdoors

If you can – observing social distancing, of course – get out! Whether it’s taking a break in the garden, or going to the local park or woods – make time to go outdoors and be with nature.

Build in breaks and boundaries

It’s easy when you’re at home to work non-stop without taking a break – one video conference ends and another call begins. In an office there’d probably be a break between each meeting with some human interaction. Now, that’s not the case – so you’ll have to build breaks into your day.

Also, don’t feel you have to be at the mercy of emails and messenger apps. Observe your break times, knuckle down on tasks you need to focus on – the messages can wait until you are ready. It’s not lazy or rude, it’s called building in boundaries around your time.

Keep the fun chat going!

Team meetings don’t just have to always be about work. Ask for updates on funny events of the week, keep the personal chat to keep the team camaraderie going and balance the isolation of it all. Virtual coffee mornings, virtual Friday night drinks, quizzes online – it’s about maintaining the social aspect…virtually.

Let’s get physical

Keep moving, a bit everyday. No gym? Never mind. Kevin recommends checking out websites like Fitness Superstore to purchase some home fitness equipment. Not into that? Lots of online free fitness and dance classes surfacing on YouTube and other platforms to help you build in some movement into your day. Squats, star jumps, cycling, running, walking, whatever…just move!

How to cope with the mental stress and anxiety?

A range of emotions may come up over the next few weeks. It’s important to stay in touch with people – making an extra effort to chat to friends and family, but also with your work colleagues.

Kevin underlines the importance of reaching out to people – make it clear you care about their well-being. We are all going through a tough time, but there are always others who are going through even more challenging situations – so let them know they have your support and they can take the time they need.

“Push people in your organisation to be as flexible as possible – to allow people to give them their best but also allow them to look after themselves and their families,” advises Kevin. People will appreciate the support.

The avalanche of news and social media stories

It’s important to monitor your news and social media intake at this time. Put time limits on news’ consumption – maybe tune in just once a day, or take a break from social media for a while.

Step away from the unhealthy constant background noise: unfollow, untag key words, and take time out.

We are all in this together and it’s important to talk about it. You can listen to Kevin’s podcast here.

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