ISF cyber security resources to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

ISF cyber security resources to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Our friends at the Information Security Forum (ISF) have compiled some useful resources to keep you and your businesses secure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Do read this ISF report: ISF CISO Briefing - COVID-19 Response which is a guide to "managing information risk in a new world". The document outlines the factors affecting organisations' risk profiles and how these might be impacted during these unprecedented times.

Tips to prepare your organisation for cyber threats in the COVID-19 pandemic

ISF Top Tips to Prepare for Cyber Threats in the Covid-19 Era 2020 - This ISF Threat Radar is a visual aid created to accompany the Threat Horizon reports that can be leveraged by organisations to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the threat landscape. These ISF tips can help you to make the best use of the ISF Threat Radar.

Tips for homeworking during the crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned many regular office goers and commuters into home workers. They have been thrust into an environment that is both familiar and strange that can pose novel risks for both staff and their employers.

These Information Security Forum top tips can make your experience more safe and secure: ISF Top Tips for Human Centred Security in the Home Working Environment.

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