Is emerging tech outpacing cyber security?

Dr Guy Bunker, CTO at Clearswift,says that businesses need to be made aware of the dangers of adopting emerging tech which offers great value, but may not have the security features required to ensure their safe integration into a network.
Business digital transformation is happening quickly and we’ve already seen a quarter of large enterprises take up blockchain technology while 37% of businesses are using IT automation. A scramble for the latest tech has meant we’ve seen everything from AI to cloud tech and edge computing implemented wherever possible.
Of course, much of this early adoption has helped increase efficiency, profits and improved service in organisations but each new development brings a new threat, leaving forward-thinking firms wide-open to unexpected treats.
Hackers found a way around your anti-spam and anti-virus filters, so it is to be expected that they will also get around your new tech. We are seeing AI solutions being applied on everything from the office ‘smart fridge’ to workplace applications such as Skype, making the possibilities for exploitation seemingly endless.
The pressure on businesses to mitigate cyber threats has never been higher, but how is this done?
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