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IoT / UK gov launches £6.5m CyberInvest scheme to support cyber research

UK gov launches £6.5m CyberInvest scheme to support cyber research

GCHQ and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have launched CyberInvest, a £6.5m industry and Government scheme to support cutting edge cyber security research and protect the UK in cyber space. 


The scheme enables industry to draw upon the expertise of GCHQ, EPSRC and leading academics, and invest in the strategically important research areas critical to protecting the UK.

Launched at IA15, the Government’s high-profile information assurance event, CyberInvest will build a community of industry, government and academia who are committed to sustained investment in cyber security research.

Whilst many companies invest in research, some find it difficult to target the right opportunities, and where investment is made, it is not always visible or focused. CyberInvest will provide a forum for the latest in cyber security research, drawing upon the expertise of GCHQ, leading academics and industry.

Ed Vaizey, minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, said: “CyberInvest is an exciting initiative which brings industry, Government and academia together, and builds on the UK’s reputation as a global leader for cyber security research.

“Over the last 4 years we have invested over £20 million in UK cyber security research, and the new CyberInvest scheme will play an important role in our ongoing work to help protect UK citizens and businesses online.”

The UK is a thriving centre for world leading research and its application across the breadth of cyber security subjects. This continues to attract a growing body of world class academics that can see long term career opportunities in their fields; facilitating cyber security innovation, creating new opportunities for growth and helping the UK remain at the forefront of cyber security research.

Existing UK cyber security research funded through the NCSP and EPSRC has helped to develop innovative and ground-breaking products, such as funding nearly 100 PhD research students and contributing to the recent CESG password guidance.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to join the CyberInvest partnership in recognition of the widespread interest in this area of research. Minimum investment levels range from £10k for micro companies (<10 people) to £500k (>250 people). To date, 18 companies have committed to invest £6.5 million over the next 5 years.

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