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IoT / #TEISS15: Cyber security of growing importance to businesses

#TEISS15: Cyber security of growing importance to businesses

There is no doubt that the focus on cyber security is growing. With high-profile cases like the recent celebrity nude photo leak dominating headlines the safety of data and customer privacy is perhaps under more scrutiny than ever before.

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But where does this leave chief information security officers (CISOs)? How will the increasing focus on cyber security affect the role in the near future?

Ahead of The European Information Security Summit 2015 Business Technology spoke to Gianluca D’Antonio, CISO at FCC Citizen Services, who expects to see a “process of consolidation” over the next five years.

Technology is still moving at a tremendous speed, and with businesses’ equipment and software changing frequently the CISO will continue working with the CIO to keep it secure.

“The biggest changes in technology are still under the control of the CISO,” D’Antonio says. “They will stay in the IT department, probably with more relevance than now or in the past.”

The consolidation he mentions will follow this trend. As a greater amount of information is stored using technology, cyber security will continue to grow more crucial.

“I think that we will see a convergence between cyber and information [security],” he says. “We still talk about them as separate but the reality is that these two will be covered by the same department and the same staff. The capabilities are similar, with a similar approach.”

And as an increasing number of breaches hit the headlines, businesses are realising that investment in cyber security is crucial to maintaining a positive image. Although Apple says the celebrity hackers guessed users’ passwords rather than overcoming iCloud’s security measures, for example, the public’s perception of cloud services has still taken a knock.

D’Antonio argues that as businesses look to mitigate risk when handling customer data and trade secrets, bosses will be more open to spending more on cyber security.

“The biggest change will be the growth of the relevance of information and cyber security for risk management and customer retention, [maintaining] customer trust and reputation protection,” he says. “More and more companies will invest in cyber security because this is important, for the customer to believe they are fighting the relevant threats.”

“We must merge information security and technology innovation in order to deliver valuable services in a safe way from the beginning.” D’Antonio adds as a final remark. “There is no e-business in a sustainable model without e-trust for customer.”

See Gianluca D’Antonio speak alongside other industry leaders at The European Information Security Summit 2015.


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