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5 most costly types of internet crime

We often report on new cyber threats and scams appearing on the internet, but how much do they manage to extort from their victims?

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published its 2015 Internet Crime Report, which breaks down exactly how much consumers and businesses lost.

Of the total, $98.6 million (£67 million) came from social media-related crimes, while $8.9 million (£6 million) involved virtual currency, the report said.

The top five most costly types of internet crime were:

  1. Business email compromise [$246 million (£167 million)]
  2. Confidence fraud / romance [$203 million (£138 million)]
  3. Non-payment / non-delivery [$121 million (£82 million)]
  4. Investment [$119 million (£81 million)]
  5. Identity theft [$57 million (£39 million)]

Meanwhile, $43 million (£29 million) was lost in personal data breaches, $1.6 million (£1.1 million) was lost to ransomware and virus-related losses were $1.2 million (£820,000).

For more information, see the IC3 report.



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