Recruiting cyber talent: The candidate you really should have on your team

If you’re not prepared to answer difficult questions about your organisation’s recent challenges, then you probably shouldn’t be interviewing new hires. A good candidate is interviewing you at the same time you’re interviewing them. If you come across as evasive, dismissive, or hostile, you’ll drive away top talent.

How much influence do you think denial has on your corporate hiring process? Not much, perhaps? Or none at all? Without casting aspersions on your organisation or brand, please consider that denial might play a much larger role than you’d like to admit. Companies are run by humans, after all, and we humans are … complicated. We don’t like hearing negative feedback. When another person – even one we know or like – makes us uncomfortable, we reflexively push them away to avoid feeling bad about ourselves. This is natural. It’s also counterproductive if we let this instinctive reaction interfere with hiring new talent.

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