Video interview with Yubico Founder, Stina Ehrensvärd

Video interview with Yubico Founder, Stina Ehrensvärd

Authentication is at the heart of cyber security: it is crucial to securing a network. And yet, single-factor authentication is still widely used, leaving networks vulnerable to hackers. So, what can be done to enhance user safety?

In this interview, Anna Delaney talks to Stina Ehrensvard, founder and CEO of Yubico – a company which strives to enable easy, available and secure login for everyone.

As co-inventor of the YubiKey, Stina discusses how this authentication device is already significantly improving security, amongst the likes of Goggle staff.

We get an insight into Stina’s personal background, including the inspiration she took from her husband, which motivated her to do something about the flaws in security standards.

Although Stina admits the journey has been long and not without its challenges, she’s palpably optimistic about the future.

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